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Arc Lamp Light Sources


Sciencetech's Xenon Arc Lamp Light Sources are cost effective, versatile, complete solutions for your illumination requirements. All Sciencetech light sources are plug-and-play systems and can be easily adapted towards various test environments. We specialize in manufacturing low to high powered xenon arc lamp sources which come as fully operable system. These systems consist of the xenon arc lamp, lamp housing, power supply and all required optics.

Sciencetech offers a selection of light sources in varying wattages of xenon lamps and other optical characteristics. Xenon short arc lamps are hight-pressure discharge lamps. These lamps are especially suitable for optical applications because of their high radiance and luminance.

         QTH Light Source

Sciencetech’s 201-1K-QTH lamp housing allows for vertically mounted 500W-1500W DC operated Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) filament lamps. Such lamps produce a large VIS-NIR output and some UV light. The spectral output is smooth and approximates a 3300K black body. Since each wattage lamp has its own socket style, a QTH lamp housing may only accommodate the selected wattage lamp once the socket style is specified. The unit is forced air-cooled with a blower at the top of the housing hat draws air from the bottom intake and expels it out the top of the housing. The lamp socket is mounted vertically on alignment pins such that the lamp’s filament can be properly centered to the housing’s back spherical reflector and front light exit port for optimum light output efficiency. The lamp house comes standard with an F/1.5 BK7 Lens to collect light from the QTH lamp.


Tunable Light Sources


SCIENCETECH offers a series of turnkey computer-Controlled Tunable Light Sources (TLS) that provide monochromatic light from 300 nm to 1800 nm (extended ranges from 180 nm to 10 µm available with customizations) with optical resolution from 20 nm to 0.2 nm. Collimated light output is standard and, condensed or coupled output light options can be provided on request.

Incandescent Light Sources

This is a housing designed for Sciencetech's 188-8060 IR Sources. It includes an Elliptical reflector for focusing the output IR light to a point.


Calibration Light Sources


An adjustable mount for Sciencetech's line of calibration pen lamps.
Power supply and pen lamp are not included. See the calibration sources brochure for more information.

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