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  • I have an ALGIZ 8X tablet I use in the field with my spectroradiometer. How do I get the data from the ALGIZ 8X to my PC?
    Use the supplied USB cable to plug the ALGIZ 8X directly into your Windows PC. You can navigate the hard drive like any USB memory stick. You will find a My Documents file and inside will be a Spectral Evolution file that will contain the .sed files for your scans and associated metadata including pictures, and GPS coordinates – everything you saved with the spectra on the ALGIZ 8X. You can drag/copy these files to your PC.
  • How do I maintain my fiber optic cable?
    Our metal clad fiber optic cables are pretty rugged. The best way to ensure that the fiber doesn’t break is to keep from bending it too sharply – the minimum bend radius is 10 centimeters. If you suspect you have broken fibers, hold the end of the cable that is inserted in the spectrometer or the spectroradiometer up to a light source. Any broken fibers will appear dark when you look at the end that plugs into your accessories.
  • Can I clean my white reference standard?
    Our White Reference Plate is designed to be used as the reference material for reflectance scans. The plate is made of polytetrafluoroethlyene (PTFE) and has high diffuse reflectance. Over time the surface of the plate may become dirty or scratched. In order to restore the plate to its original properties, it can be cleaned by sanding the PTFE material under running water with a 220-240 grit waterproof emery cloth until the surface is totally hydrophobic (water beads and runs off immediately). Sanding should be done gently, in a figure-8 motion, rinsing away the sanded off layer as you go. When complete, dry the surface by blowing nitrogen or clean compressed air over the surface.
  • How Do I choose Between Spectrometer Or Spectroradiometer
    Spectroradiometer are factory calibrated with NIST-Traceable reference standards to measure Spectral Radiance and Irradiance .They can also be used as spectrometers to measure reflectance ,transreflectance ,absorbance and transmission. If you don’t want to measure absolute energy levels of your target then we suggest you to purchase the spectrometer.
  • How Do I upgrade my exisiting Goniophotometer to LM 79-19
    BY adding Intelligent AC Test PowerSupply. High frequency sampling photometer High Accuracy Electrical Power Analyzer Software update for GO-R5000(LM-79 version 2019) For more details contact
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