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Fluorescence Spectroscopy





Far Infrared Spectroscopy


Highly Collimated Solar Simulators

  • Collimation angles as small as 0.35° half angle

  • AM0, AM1.5G, and other spectral matches available

  • Target areas up to 70 cm or more

  • Highly uniform irradiance on target plane available

We specialize in highly collimated solar simulators with beams that closely match the solar divergence. With our special optical and mechanical design team, we can achieve the smallest possible divergence angle required for your research purposes, designed to fit your space.

Large Area Solar Simulators

  • Custom sizes up to several metres

  • AM0, AM1.5G, specialty spectral matches available

  • Various degrees of collimation

  • Multiple mounting options, incl. ceiling

We have experience building large-area solar simulators to fit specialized applications. We can incorporate special spectral matches and filtering, as well as collimation and intensity adjustment to suit each project’s needs.


Concentrator Solar Simulators

  • Light sources provide irradiance up to 4000 Suns

  • Variety of target sizes

  • Options for solar filters, uniformities and collimation angles

  • Flash or steady state

  • Flash: variable pulse durations

We have experience in building and custom designing solar simulators and light sources to provide high power densities on illumination areas

Vacuum Compatibility

  • Inherently vacuum-maintaining products (down to 10 torr)

  • Optical coupling to vacuum chambers

  • Pressurized chambers for vacuum integration

Special requests such as temperature controlling, connections to vacuum feedthroughs, special coatings etc. can also be accommodated.


Opto-Mechanical Moving Systems

  • Automated movement of systems in X, Y, Z, and two perpendicular rotational axes

  • Automated stages for uniformity measurement

Sciencetech can incorporate opto-mechanical assemblies into our custom built optical systems.

Integrated Research Programs

  • Leveraging cutting edge research knowledge

  • Mentorship opportunities for students by our experienced industry professionals

  • Small projects to large-scale custom instruments

Sciencetech has collaborated with many research institutions in the past: notably the University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo, and Ryerson University.

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